N566 1895 Newsboy Cabinets

N566 1895 Newsboy Cabinets on Ebay
N566 1895 Newsboy Cabinets baseball cards There are approximately 14 baseball cards in this set, each measuring 4-1/4 by 6-1/2 inches. They are blank-backed.

The cards in this set feature a sepia studio photo of the player surrounded by a thin frame, with the issuer ('Newsboy - New York') printed in red at the bottom. The player's name and team are either printed just below the photo in red, along with the card number; or the player's last name and card number are written in script superimposed on the photo.

This cabinet card set was devoted to a variety of subjects - not just sports, but also politicians, actors, and other popular figures. Baseball players only made up about 14 (perhaps more will turn up) of the over 500 cards that officially make up this set.

Newsboy was the brand of tobacco; were these mail-away premiums, or given away with purchase of the product?

Note that while the majority of these are blank-backed, some have been found with advertising for related tobacco products.

The known baseball cards in this set include:
174 - W. H. Murphy
175 - Amos Rusie
176 - Michael Tiernan
177 - E. D. Burke
178 - J. J. Doyle
179 - W. B. Fuller
180 - George Van Haltren
181 - Dae Foutz
182 - Jouette Meekin
183 - Michael Griffin
201 - W. H. (Dad) Clark
202 - Parke Wilson
586 - John Ward (with arms folded)
587 - John Ward (with bat at right side)