1888 Allen & Ginter World Champions N28

1888 Allen & Ginter World Champions N28 on Ebay
1888 Allen & Ginter World Champions N28 There were 10 baseball cards out of this set of 50. Each measured appx. 1-1/2 x 2-3/4".

Card fronts show a color lithographed illustration of the player, below which are his name and an ad for the cigarette brand. The image has a minimal background with white surrounding most of the design.

Card backs have another brief ad for the cigarette brand, followed by a listing of all cards in the set, broken down by respective sports or areas of expertise.

These 10 baseball players were part of a larger set of 50 cards devoted to experts in various athletic games or skills.

These were distributed one per pack of Allen & Ginter cigarettes.

There was an album released to house these cards, obtainable by redeeming 50 coupons from the company's cigarette packs. The album today is itself highly collectable (with or without the cards), and carries a Burdick designation of A16.

Players in this set include:
Adrian C. Anson
Chas. W. Bennett
R. L. Caruthers
John Clarkson
Charles Comiskey
Capt. John Glasscock
Timothy Keefe
Mike Kelly
Joseph Mulvey
John Ward