N173 Old Judge Cabinets 1888-1889

N173 Old Judge Cabinets on Ebay
N173 Old Judge Cabinets baseball card There are 524 cards in this set, not counting variations. Each card measures appx. 4-1/4 x 6-1/2". Unnumbered.

This odd, sprawling 19th century card set is fairly comprehensive, covering most prominent players of the era; at the same time, it is a confusing one, as there are all sorts of variations of known cards with different photographs offered, misspellings, team changes, etc. At this time, any 'official' listing of all the cards in the set cannot really be counted on, because more cabinet cards may be discovered in the future and be recognized as part of this loose set.

the cards consist of sepia photos, measuring appx. 3-3/4 x 5-3/4", pasted to the surrounding cream-colored backing. The player's name can be found written loosely upon the image itself, while at the bottom of the card is the name of the accompanying cigarette brand(s).

Instead of being inserted into packs, these cards were available as mail-in premiums in exchange for cigarette coupons. The two brands involved were Old Judge and Dogs Head. If the card was obtained using Old Judge cigarettes, the ad at the card bottom was for that brand; but if the purchaser obtained the card via Dogs Head, the received card had a line at the bottom offering the name of both brands.

Prominent cards in this set include:
Cap Anson
John Clarkson
Charlie Comiskey
Roger Connor
Ed Delehanty
Buck Ewing
Billy Hamilton
King Kelly
Connie Mack
Old Hoss Radbourn
Amos Rusie
Billy Sunday
Sam Thompson
John Ward