1887 W. S. Kimball Champions N184

1887 W. S. Kimball Champions N184 on Ebay
1887 W S Kimball Champions N184 This set contains 4 baseball cards out of a total of 50; each measures appx. 1-1/2 to 2-3/4". Unnumbered.

Card fronts depict a large color portrait of the player, fading into an illustration of the player at his position, in action, in the lower 1/3, with the player's name and position superimposed; surrounded by a thin white borderr.

Card backs feature an ad for Kimball cigarettes, followed by a list of sports in the set.

In 1887, W. S. Kimball released a 50-card set devoted to Champions of Games and Sport; it depicted such pastimes as golf and billiards as well as baseball, which made up only 4 cards of the total.

These were distributed in packs of Kimball cigarettes. An album was also made available to house the cards.

The baseball players in this set include:
E. A. Burch
Dell Darling
Hardie Henderson
James O'Neil