1976 Topps

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1976 Topps baseball cards There are 660 cards in this set, each measuring 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches.

Card fronts feature a color photo of the player surrounded by a thin color frame. Below is a dual-color box giving the player's name and team. To the lower left is a small cartoony graphic showing the player's position.

Card backs feature a baseball-and-bat graphic along the left side giving the card number, with areas containing the usual mix of player name, biographical data, and game and career statistics.

This set continues the trend of the 660-card set, which would stick for one more year after this.

Prominent cards in this set include:
19 - George Brett
98 - Dennis Eckersley
230 - Carl Yastrzemski
240 - Pete Rose
317 - John Candalaria
330 - Nolan Ryan
480 - Mike Schmidt
500 - Reggie Jackson
550 - Hank Aaron