1976 Kellogg's

1976 Kelloggs on Ebay
1976 Kellogg's baseball cards There are 57 cards in this set, each measuring 2-1/8 by 3-1/4 inches.

Card fronts feature a color player photo with a facsimile autograph superimposed, surrounded by a round-cornered frame of thin blue and red lines. Above the photo is the phrase '3-D Super Stars', with the player's name and position below the photo. This is all against a white background.

Card backs give a small close-up photo of the player, plus the usual info of the card number, player biographical data, previous-year and total game statistics, and (if there's room) a paragraph of text about his career.

These cards, like most of the Kellogg's issue, featured a lenticular '3D' effect when the photo was slightly tilted.

There were several variations of cards in the set, usually errors that were corrected in later reprintings. Also, the relative scarcity of the first three cards in the set may be due to short-printing of them, for whatever reason.

These were available individually in boxes of Kellogg's cereal, or as a set via mail-in offer.

Prominent cards in this set include:
8 - Reggie Jackson
19 - Dennis Eckersley
32 - Tom Seaver
55 - Pete Rose