1973 Topps Candy Lids

1973 Topps Candy Lids on Ebay
1972 Topps baseball Candy Lids There are 55 candy lids in this set, each measuring appx. 1-7/8 inches in diameter (not including the tab). Unnumbered.

Tab fronts featured a color logo with the usual indicia found on a candy or gum issue.

Reverses had a color photo of the player with his name, team, and position in a rounded banner beneath, all surrounded by a color border around the edge of the disc.

These were basically the peel-off lids of a small cardstock bucket containing candy-coated pieces of gum, sold as Baseball Stars Bubble Gum for ten cents.

Note: There was a test issue the previous year with the exact same roster of 55 players; but those can be differentiated from the 1973 series in that the test issue had no color border around the edge of the player photo, while the 1973 ones do. (Nevertheless, the boxes for the 1973 issue show the 1972 versions of the lids - see photo above.)

Prominent players in this set include:
Hank Aaron
Johnny Bench
Reggie Jackson
Willie Mays
Pete Rose
Nolan Ryan
Carl Yastrzemski