1971 Topps Greatest Moments

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1971 Topps Greatest Moments baseball cards There are 55 cards in this set, each measuring 2-1/2 by 4-3/4 inches.

Card fronts have a color photo of the player's head in a circle at the left, followed by the title 'One of baseball's greatest moments'; to the right is a photograph taken during an actual game, with caption below, in a ragged-edged white frame to resemble a newspaper clipping.

The card backs are made to resemble the top of the front page of a newspaper from the city where the player's team is based. There is a small inset photo clipped from the card front's main photo along with some text about the event specified.

This was a separate card issue from Topps's regular set, sold in packs. For various reasons, these cards are relatively scarcer in high condition.

One problem is the black border - as with comic book covers, the black edges are prone to being easily damaged, or at least so their damage much more obviously. There were also centering issues with this set.

Some of the cards from this set appear to have been double-printed, making their supply greater and thus their value diminished.

Notable cards in this set include:
1 - Thurman Munson
8 - Harmon Killebrew
9 - Brooks Robinson
13 - Johnny Bench
47 - Reggie Jackson

1971 Topps Greatest Moments wrapper