1968 Topps Action Stickers

1968 Topps Action Stickers on Ebay
1968 Topps Action Stickers There were 16 separate sticker panels in this issue, each measuring 3-1/3 by 5-1/4 inches. Blank-backed.

Each individual sticker consisted of a cropped color photo of a player (or three players), each surrounded by a black border, with a colored banner beneath giving the player's name and team; this sat against a white background which also contained the player's facsimile signature (or one or more players' signatures, on stickers with three players).

This was another Topps test issue that never quite made it to widespread production. Each sticker panel came in attached strips of three: the top and bottom panels featured three players, while the center one featured a single star player. The players' images were die-cut within the black border for easy removal. The strip number (and set total) were given within the center panel. Packs of these are known to exist; the three-panel stickers were sold for ten cents.

Players in this set include:
Hank Aaron
Roberto Clemente
Al Kaline
Mickey Mantle