1968 Topps 3D

1968 Topps 3D on Ebay
1968 Topps 3D baseball cards There were 12 cards in this set, each measuring 2-1/4 x 3-1/2 inches. Unnumbered. Blank backs.

Cards had rounded edges and were covered with ribbed plastic to simulate the 3D effect. Color player photographs featured against a blurred background, with the player's name superimposed along with a small circle giving his position and team name. The image changed slightly as the card was shifted back and forth.

This was actually a test issue, and cards from this set were never officially sold to the public. Some examples even have a stamp on the back labeling the card as being "an experimental XOGRAPH card produced as a limited edition," not to be sold or distributed.

The Bob Clemente card accounts for about 3/4 of this set's worth as a whole.

Players in this set include:
Bob Clemente
Willie Davis
Ron Fairly
Curt Flood
Jim Lonborg
Jim Maloney
Tony Perez
Boog Powell
Bill Robinson
Rusty Staub
Mel Stottlemyre
Ron Swoboda