1967 Topps Stand-Ups

1967 Topps Stand-Ups on Ebay
1967 Topps Stand-Ups baseball cards There are 24 cards in this set, each measuring 3-1/8 x 5-1/4 inches. Blank-backed.

Card fronts feature a floating color portrait of the player's head against solid black, with a colored block beneath that tells his name, position, and team. A small line along the bottom edge gives the card number and set total, as well as a small copyright line. Otherwise the card is solid black, and is die-cut around the head and base.

These were meant to be punched out so that a collector could have a little cardboard portrait of his favorite player - or it would have been, had it ever been released. This was apparently a test issue that Topps floated to gauge interest by collectors, but was never widely released for sale.

These actually exist in two formats, the first composed of thicker cardboard, the second made of thin cardstock. The thin ones are not die-cut, but apparently acted as image proofs. The thinner ones aren't usually priced quite as highly as their thicker counterparts.

Difficult to obtain, this is a terribly expensive little set due to its relative scarcity.

Prominent cards in this set include:
1 - Pete Rose
7 - Roberto Clemente
8 - Mickey Mantle
19 - Willie Mays
20 - Hank Aaron
21 - Carl Yastrzemski