1965 Topps

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1965 Topps baseball cards This set has 598 cards, each measuring 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches.

Card fronts have a large color photo surrounded by a thin color frame, with a pennant graphic to the lower left showing the team name; in a space below the main image are the player's position and (in larger letters) name.

Card backs feature the card number in a baseball graphic to the top left, next to which sit the player's name and quick fact from his career in 'cartoony' lettering, next to a small cartoon graphic depicting the fact. Below that are the player's brief biographical data followed by year-by-year game statistics.

Some cards in the high-number series of cards of this set (#'s 523-598) are considered to be short-printed and thus scarcer.

Prominent cards in this set include:
16 - Astros Rookies (Sonny Jackson, Joe Morgan)
155 - Roger Maris
160 - Bob Clemente
170 - Hank Aaron
207 - Pete Rose
250 - Willie Mays
300 - Sandy Koufax
350 - Mickey Mantle