1965 Bazooka

1965 Bazooka on Ebay
1965 Bazooka baseball cards There are 36 individual cards in this set, making up 12 three-card panels. Each individual card measures 1-9/16 x 2-1/2 inches. Blank-backed.

Card fronts show a large color photo of the player, with an inset space giving his name, team, and position, with a white border all around. Along the bottom border is given the card number and set total.

These were cards that were printed directly onto boxes of Topps gum, so that they had to be cut out. They were grouped into panels of three cards each.

This set is very similar, practically identical in design, to the previous two years' sets; collectors will have to simply check reference sources to make sure they have a player's card from a particular year, if uncertain. Although players overlap in the years, their photographs are changed with new issues.

Prominent player cards in this set include:
1 - Mickey Mantle
9 - Hank Aaron
12 - Willie Mays
14 - Roberto Clemente
32 - Sandy Koufax