1962 Topps

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1962 Topps baseball cards The 1962 Topps set consists of 598 cards, each measuring 2-1/2 x 3-1/2".

The card fronts offer a color photo surrounded by a faux-woodgrain border, with the player name, team, and position given at the bottom right. Card backs have the card number in a baseball graphic at top left, followed by player stats and a paragraph of biography, while to the right is a cartoon showing an event from the player's life. Along the bottom is a segmented box giving game statistics for the previous year, as well as career totals.

As in previous years, the set is made up of several subsets, which had been released in a staggered fashion throughout the year.

Cards in the 2nd set (#110-196) were first printed with a slight greenish tint, which was corrected in subsequent printings.

In addition, several cards from the high numbers were short printed, making them less common.

Prominent cards in this set include:
1 - Roger Maris
5 - Sandy Koufax
10 - Bob Clemente
18 - Managers' Dream (Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays)
50 - Stan Musial
200 - Mickey Mantle
300 - Willie Mays
320 - Hank Aaron
387 - Lou Brock (Rookie)
425 - Carl Yastrzemski
471 - Mickey Mantle All-Star
530 - Bob Gibson (short printed)
544 - Willie McCovey (short printed)