1962 Post Cereal

1962 Post Cereal on Ebay
1962 Post Cereal baseball cards There are 200 cards in this set, each measuring the standard 2-1/2 x 3-1/2". They are numbered and blank-backed.

Card fronts offered the color player photo to the right, while on the left along the top sat a small Post logo, the card number, and the player's name in script. This was followed by a block of text featuring statistics and player biographical and career info. A yellow grid along the bottom gave the player's stats for the previous year as well as a career total.

Cards were distributed on the backs of Post cereals; cards were offered only on the boxes of particular cereals, so that cards that appeared on the boxes of the less popular cereals weren't purchased as often, and thus are less common today (and can often command a high price due to such scarcity).

The Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris cards were also distributed in a two-card panel in an issue of Life magazine; these can be differentiated due to their thinner card stock and white margins.

The American League comprises cards 1-100, and the National League 101-200. There are a handful of variants known to exist.

Note that these cards are very similar to the 1962 Jell-O set, although that one omits 3 cards, and doesn't feature the small red Post logo.

Prominent cards in this set include:
5 - Mickey Mantle
55 - Early Wynn
61 - Carl Yastrzemski
69 - Marty Keough
53 - Bob Allison
92 - Norm Siebern
101 - Gil Hodges
109 - Sandy Koufax (blue lines around stats)
113 - Norm Larker
116 - Gordy Coleman
124 - Joey Jay (blue lines around stats)
127 - Jerry Lynch
131 - Willie McCovey
140 - Juan Marichal
142 - Willie Mays
145 - Joe Adock (error; Adcock)
173 - Roberto Clemente (blue lines around stats)