1962 Bell Brand Dodgers

1962 Bell Brand Dodgers on Ebay
1962 Bell Brand Dodgers baseball cards There are 20 cards in this set, each measuring 2-7/16 x 3-1/2 inches.

Card fronts show a large color photo of the player on the field, with a facsimile autograph superimposed, surrounded by a thin white border. Below is the player's name, team, and position.

Card backs give the card number and player's name in large lettering along the top, followed by brief biographical data, the previous year's stats, then an ad for the entire card set; about 60% of the card back (turned sideways to the previous) is the Dodgers' schedule for the 1962 season.

This set by Bell is nearly identical in design to the previous few years'; cards can easily be distinguished, however, by the schedule year on the backs.

These were printed on glossy-front card stock.

These were inserted into bags of Bell brand potato chips.

Note that the cards are numbered after the individual players' team numbers.

Note also that the poster advertising the set to retailers (shown above) is also eminently collectable.

The cards in this set include:
3 - Willie Davis
4 - Duke Snider
6 - Ron Fairly
8 - John Roseboro
9 - Wally Moon
12 - Tom Davis
16 - Ron Perranoski
19 - Jim Gilliam
20 - Daryl Spencer
22 - John Podres
24 - Walter Alston
25 - Frank Howard
30 - Maury Wills
32 - Sandy Koufax
34 - Norm Sherry
37 - Ed Roebuck
40 - Stan Williams
51 - Larry Sherry
53 - Don Drysdale
56 - Lee Walls