1961 Manny's Baseball Land 8 x 10's

1961 Mannys Baseball Land on Ebay
1961 Manny's Baseball Land 8 by 10 photograph This set is comprised of 180 black-and-white photographs, each measuring 8 x 10 inches. Blank backed and unnumbered.

These were typical of photographs of the time, produced on stiff semi-glossy paper; the black-and-white photos were surrounded by a white border with the player's name along the bottom. There was no manufacturer identification or other information printed on them.

These photos were produced by a baseball souvenir shop called Manny's Baseball Land, which was located very close to Yankee Stadium. Photos were sold in packs of ten, separated into teams, for $1.50.

Prominent players in this set include:
Brooks Robinson (Orioles)
Richie Ashburn (Cubs)
Ernie Banks (Cubs)
Stan Musial (Cardinals)
Orlando Cepeda (Giants)
Willie Mays (Giants)
Willie McCovey (Giants)
Roberto Clemente (Pirates)
Yogi Berra (Yankees)
Whitey Ford (Yankees)
Mickey Mantle (Yankees)
Roger Maris (Yankees)
Harmon Killebrew (Twins)
Hank Aaron (Braves)
Warren Spahn (Braves)
Don Drysdale (Dodgers)
Sandy Koufax (Dodgers)
Al Kaline (Tigers)
Frank Robinson (Redlegs)
Nellie Fox (White Sox)