1960 Topps

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1960 Topps baseball cards There are 572 cards in this set, horizontally configured, 3-1/2 x 2-1/2".

Card fronts feature a close-up color photo taking up most of the front in a box to the right, with a smaller action pose in a box to the left. Below is the player's name, team, and position.

Card backs gave the card number in a ball graphic at the top left corner. Along the top is the player's name with basic biographical information, then a graph offering last year's as well as lifetime playing statistics. Below that is a paragraph of text marked 'Season's Highlights,' then a small cartoon showing an event in the player's career.

The first Topps set of the 1960's went for a horizontal format. Cards numbered #375-440 can be found in either gray or white, with white being the less common.

Prominent cards in this set include:
10 - Ernie Banks
50 - Al Kaline
73 - Bob Gibson
148 - Carl Yastrzemski (Rookie)
160 - Rival All-Stars (Ken Boyer & Mickey Mantle)
200 - Willie Mays
250 - Stan Musial
300 - Hank Aaron
316 - Willie McCovey (Rookie)
326 - Bob Clemente
343 - Sandy Koufax
350 - Mickey Mantle
377 - Roger Maris
480 - Yogi Berra
563 - Mickey Mantle All-Star
564 - Willie Mays All-Star
585 - Roger Maris All-Star
566 - Hank Aaron All-Star