1959 Topps

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1959 Topps baseball cards There are 572 cards in this set, each measuring 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches.

The card fronts show the player's color photogaph in a circle against a solid-color frame, with his facsimile signature superimposed. The player's name is superimposed in red or white text above, while below to the left is the team logo, then the team name and player's position.

Card backs feature the card number prominently at the top left, with the player's name and brief biographical data in a box beside it. This is followed by sections giving a paragraph of text about the player's career, a small cartoon, and the player's game stats.

This was Topps's biggest card set yet, and it must have seemed huge at the time, seeing as no other modern set had yet numbered beyond 500, and this one was far beyond that.

a subset of 31 Rookie Stars is one of the highlights of this year's set.

Prominent cards in this set include:
10 - Mickey Mantle
40 - Warren Spahn
50 - Willie Mays
150 - Stan Musial
163 - Sandy Koufax
180 - Yogi Berra
202 - Roger Maris
380 - Hank Aaron
461 - Mantle Hits 42nd Homer For Crown
478 - Bob Clemente
509 - Norm Cash
510 - Yankees team
514 - Bob Gibson
515 - Harmon Killebrew
550 - Roy Campanella
564 - Mickey Mantle All-Star