1958 Topps

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1958 Topps baseball cards There are 494 cards in this set, each measuring the now-standard 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches.

Card fronts feature a color photo of the player against a solid color background, with his name superimposed in red, white, or yellow lettering. The team and position are given in a band along the bottom, along with the team's logo to the lower right.

The card backs feature the card number in a small cartoon image to the top left; this is followed by the player name, satistics, biographical data, and a paragraph of text about his career, along with a small cartoon depicting an event from his career.

This set continued to expand the idea of what a modern baseball card should be. In addition to the regular player cards, there were also additional All-Star cards (giving popular players even more recognition within the set) as well as checklists being placed on the backs of team photo cards.

Note that there is no card #145 issued. That card was originally assigned to Ed Bouchee, who was suspended from baseball before Topps could place something else in that spot.

A minor variation on several cards exists in the fact that the player's names on the front were printed in yellow rather than white text.

Some of the notable cards in this set include:
1 - Ted Williams
5 - Willie Mays
30 - Hank Aaron
47 - Roger Maris
52 - Bob Clemente
70 - Al Kaline
150 - Mickey Mantle
370 - Yogi Berra
418 - World Series Foes (Hank Aaron & Mickey Mantle)
487 - Mickey Mantle All-Star