1957 Topps

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1957 Topps baseball card This set features 407 cards, each measuring the standard 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches.

Card fronts show a color photo of the player, with his name, team, and position superimposed, surrounded by a white border.

Card backs feature the card number within a baseball graphic to the top left, with player biographical details along the top. This was followed by a paragraph of text about the player's career, along with a small cartoon depicting a moment from his career. Along the bottom was the player's game stats from each year in the majors, along with career total stats.

The regular Topps baseball card issue continued to evolve during this time, becoming more and more like our modern idea of what a baseball card should be. For one thing, this was the first modern issue to feature actual color photos of players, rather than tinted black-and-white photos. This issue also was the first time that the player's game statistics from each year were given.

Besides the regular cards, also included in packs were four unnumbered checklist cards, which featured ads for either Bazooka or Blony gum, as well as entry forms for a contest. In addition there was also a 'lucky penny' card, which could be mailed away with a gum wrapper to receive a Lucky Penny Key Chain. Both the checklists and the offer card also contain rather high value to collectors; but they are not considered to be part of the regular set, so that they value doesn't count toward the set value.

Prominent cards in this set include:
1- Ted Williams
2 - Yogi Berra
10 - Willie Mays
18 - Don Drysdale
20 - Hank Aaron
35 - Frank Robinson
76 - Bob Clemente
95 - Mickey Mantle
170 - Duke Snider
176 - Gene Baker (error)
210 - Roy Campanella
286 - Bobby Richardson
302 - Sandy Koufax
324 - Brookyln Dodgers Team card
328 - Brooks Robinson
400 - Dodgers Sluggers (Roy Campanilla, Carl Furillo, Gil Hodges, Duke Snider)
407 - Yankees Power Hitters (Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra)