1955 Topps Double Headers

1955 Topps Double Headers on Ebay
1955 Topps Double Headers baseball cards There are 66 distinct cards in this set, which represent 132 player card images front and back. Each measures (unfolded) 2-1/16 x 4-7/8 inches.

Card fronts feature an elongated colored image of a player, along with a small superimposed text box that gives his name, team, and position.

Card reverses are separated into two sections; the top one features a color image similar to the front one, but which appears to be cut off along the bottom section. The other section gives the set name in a banner along the top, flanked by the card numbers (two numbers to each); below this are two sections, one for each player pictured, which gives his name, game stats, and a paragraph of text about his career.

Similar to Topps's Foldees issues, these cards offered one primary image, but the 2nd image on the reverse side could be folded down, with the 2nd player's leg stance fitting into the first image, thus 'borrowing' the legs and feet of that player. Goofy? Yes. (Note that it is invariably the more popular player whose image appears in the longer, unfolded front image.)

Prominent cards in this set include:
25-26 - Jackie Robinson/Don Hoak
31-32 - Howie Pollet/Ernie Banks
45-46 - Al Kaline/'Corky' Valentine
69-70 - Ted Williams/Hal Smith
105-106 - Hank Aaron/Ray Herbert
111-112 - Harmon Killebrew/John Podres
127-128 - Warren Spahn/Tom Brewer