1955 Bowman

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1955 Bowman baseball cards There are 320 cards in this set, each measuring 2-1/2 x 3-3/4 inches.

The card fronts of this set are made to resemble television sets, or at least how most families' TV's looked at the time. The player's photo sits within the 'screen' with his last name within an inset white text box.

Card backs have a horizontal black text box at top left with the card number in a baseball glove graphic, then the player's name in script beside it, with position and team below. Beside this is a small area giving the player's biographical data. The main section is taken up with a paragraph of text about the player's career, while his playing stats are given in a tilted text area to the right.

As with many vintage releases, the high-number cards (in this case #'s 225-320) are more scarce.

This was Bowman's last regular card issue before succumbing to Topps's market takeover; the latter would soon buy up Bowman entirely and simply do away with the brand (while continuing to produce the company's Blony gum brand, however).

The TV-graphic motif, as odd as it may seem to modern eyes, is nevertheless popular with collectors, then and now.

Notable cards in this set include:
10 - Phil Rizzuto
22 - Roy Campanella
23 - Al Kaline
37 - Pee Wee Reese
59 - Whitey Ford
68 - Elston Howard
103 - Eddie Mathews
134 - Bob Feller
168 - Yogi Berra
179 - Hank Aaron
184 - Willie Mays
202 - Mickey Mantle
242 - Ernie Banks