1954 Wilson Franks

1954 Wilson Franks on Ebay
1954 Wilson Franks baseball cards There are 20 unnumbered cards in this set, each measuring 2-5/8 x 3-3/4 inches.

Card fronts show a colorized photo cutout of the player against a solid color or white background, with his name (in color) superimposed above, also with his position and team name. Also depicted in the upper section is a pack of Wilson Franks hot dogs. There is also a facsimile player signature superimposed over the image.

Card backs are oriented horizontally, with a black text box repeating the player's name, position, and team; below this arranged his basic biographical data, game statistics, and a block of text about his career.

Like many food issues, these were placed in the package situated directly against the food product, meaning that a lot of these cards were stained before they even reached consumers. This fact, along with limited distribution, make this one of the scarcer food issues of that era.

Note that, despite the previous paragraph, a cache of these cards (roughly half the set) was discovered several years ago, which affect the values of those cards which are now more plentiful.

Cards in this set include:
Roy Campanella
Del Ennis
Carl Erskine
Bob Feller
Nelson Fox
Ferris Fain
Johnny Groth
Stan Hack
Gil Hodges
Ray Jablonski
Harvey Kuenn
Roy McMillan
Andy Pafko
Paul Richards
Hank Sauer
Red Schoendienst
Enos Slaughter
Vern Stephens
Sammy White
Ted Williams