1951 Wheaties Premium Photos

1951 Wheaties Premium Photos on Ebay
1951 Wheaties Premium Baseball Photos There are 8 baseball photos in this set. Each measures 5 x 7 inches. Blank-backed.

Photo fronts feature a black-and-white photograph of the player, surrounded by a white border. The player's name is centered at the bottom, with a small serial number at the bottom right.

The origins of this photo set are not known; whether it was a mail-in premium or a test run, isn't clear. They have been attributed to being released by General Mills (makers of Wheaties for whatever reason, so the collecting world has given this set its designation.

There may end up being more than 8 photos in this set.

Note that the serial number at the lower left always starts with 'A8491' followed by one of the letters of the alphabet, designating the particular card in question:
A - Stan Musial
C - Richie Ashburn
D - Bob Feller
E - Al Rosen
F - Larry (Yogi) Berra
G - Mickey Mantle
J - Bob Lemon
K - Roy Campanella

Presumably B, I, and other letters could still be out there somewhere.

Note also that there is a known photo of ice skater Betty Schallow with 'A8491H', meaning that Wheaties could have been planning a multi-sport series.