1949 Leaf

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1949 Leaf baseball cards There are 98 cards in this set, each measuring 2-3/8 by 2-7/8 inches.

Card fronts feature a colorized photo of the player against a solid-color background, surrounded by a white border. In a black box beneath is the player's name written in bold letters.

Card backs give the card number and the player's name, followed by biographical data and a paragraph of text, followed in the bottom half by an ad for All-Star Baseball Gum and sales copy for the card set.

This was the first baseball card set after World War II to feature color.

Many of the cards in this set appear to be short-printed, due to their relative scarcity compared to the other cards in the set. It is also skip-numbered, a practice whereby, although the cards are numbered to 168, only 98 were produced, meaning that collectors would try in vain (i.e., continue to buy the product) trying to get the numbers they lacked - but since these were never produced, the task was impossible. This rather sneaky move was practiced in other sports and non-sports sets in the past.

Prominent cards in this set include:
1 - Joe DiMaggio
3 - Babe Ruth
8 - Satchel Paige
51 - Alvin Dark
55 - Tommy Henrich
76 - Ted Williams
79 - Jackie Robinson
93 - Bob Feller
102 - Gene Hermansk (error)
138 - Larry Doby