1949 Bowman

1949 Bowman on Ebay
1949 Bowman Satchel Paige 240 cards total in this set, measuring 2-1/16 x 2-1/2". Card design is simple - a hand-colored photo of the player against a solid background; in cards #109 and up, the photo has his name in a text box superimposed; surrounded by a white border. Card backs have the card number, followed by player bio and a company ad taking up the bottom half. Some of the cards can be found with either white or gray backs.

This was Bowman's second outing with baseball cards.

There are 12 cards that were changed between later printings, producing set variants.

The most prominent cards in this set include:
24 - Stan Musial
27 - Bob Feller
50 - Jackie Robinson
60 - Yogi Berra
84 - Roy Campanella
98 - Phil Rizzuto
162- Preacher Roe
214 - Richie Ashburn
224 - Satchel Paige
226 - Duke Snyder