1937 Goudey Thum Movies

1937 Goudey Thum Movies on Ebay
1937 Goudey Thum Movies There are 13 items in this set, each measuring 2 x 3 inches.

The booklet fronts have a cartoon showing a movie marquee and the title 'Thum-Movies,' with the words 'Baseball Series' at the bottom.

Backs give the card number, followed by the player name and a small paragraph of text about the player, followed by an ad for the set.

These were little booklets with a series of black-and-white photos inside, which could appear animated when quickly fanned.

The booklet covers came in red (8) and blue (5). They were sold one to a pack for 2 cents.

The cards in this series include:
1 - John Irving Burns
2 - Joe Vosmik
3 - Mel Ott
4 - Joe DiMaggio
5 - Wally Moses
6 - Van Lingle Mungo
7 - Luke Appling
8 - Bob Feller
9 - Paul Derringer
10 - Paul Waner
11 - Joe Medwick
12 - James Emory Foxx
13 - Wally Berger