1935 Wheaties Series 1

1935 Wheaties Series 1 on Ebay
1935 Wheaties Series 1 baseball cards This set consists of 25 unnumbered cards, each measuring 6-1/4 x 8-1/2" (bottom ad included; card image with frame measures 6 x 6-1/4"). They are blank-backed.

Card fronts featured a tinted photo of the player against a solid-color background with a facsimile signature superimposed. This is surrounded by a similated picture frame in blue ink, while below is an ad for Wheaties cereal.

This entire panel formed the back of participating boxes of Wheaties cereal at the time; the 'card' itself could more properly be considered to be just the image and surrounding frame graphic without the bottom ad, but in any case this collectible had to be cut from the box.

This series differs from the 'Series 3' Wheaties offering in that cards from that set feature more information about the player superimposed over the image.

Note that the set includes a fictional character, Jack Armstrong, 'All-American Boy'; an Illinois track star stood in for Armstrong's photos.

Cards in this set include:
Jack Armtrong - batting
Jack Armstrong - throwing
Wally Berger
Tommy Bridges
Mickey Cochran (two variations)
James 'Rip' Collins
Dizzy Dean
Dizzy Dean, Paul Dean
Paul Dean
William Delancy
'Jimmie' Foxx
Frank Frisch
Lou Gehrig
Goose Goslin
Lefty Grove
Carl Hubbell
Travis C. Jackson
'Chuck' Klein
Gus Mancuso
Pepper Martin (two variations)
Joe Medwick
Melvin Ott
Harold Schumacher
Al Simmons
'Jo Jo' White