1933 US Caramel R328

1933 US Caramel R328 on Ebay
R328 1933 U.S. Caramel baseball cards There are 27 baseball cards in this set, each of which measures 2-1/2 x 3 inches.

Card fronts have a color image of the athlete against a solid color background, surrounded by a white border, and with the athlete's name superimposed.

Card backs have a large card number at the top left, followed by the athlete's name and a paragraph of text about his career. An ad for United States Caramel Co. appears along the bottom 40% of the card back.

This was actually a candy set commemorating athletes of different sports, even though all but 5 are devoted to baseball.

Sets of cards were meant to be collected, then the entire set traded in for a baseball and glove. Cards which were sent in were hole-punched with the word 'Cancelled' stamped on the back.

Naturally, the company didn't want to give away more baseball equipment than they had to, so card #16, of Charles 'Lindy' Lindstrom, a baseball player and future Hall of Famer, was short-printed. Only two of this card are currently known to exist - and the first one wasn't discovered until the late 1980's.

Other notable cards in this set include:
14 - Tyrus (Ty) Cobb
26 - Henry (Lou) Gehrig
32 - George (Babe) Ruth