R338 1933 Sport Kings

R338 1933 Sport Kings on Ebay
1933 Sport Kings baseball cards R338 There are 48 total cards in this set, 3 of which are baseball players. Each card measures 2-3/8 x 2-7/8 inches.

Card fronts feature a color image of the athlete, against a color background, with a black silhoutte are below which illustrates the athlete's given sport, and gives his name. A banner above the athlete image reads 'Sport Kings Gum,' and the entire card has a white border.

Card backs give the card number at top, followed by the player's name and sport, then a paragraph of text about his career. The bottom 40% of the card advertises the set and Sport Kings Chewing Gum.

This card set, as noted above, was dedicated to athletes from various sports; only three are baseball players - Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Carl Hubbell (cards #1, 2, and 42, respectively).

Despite the obvious interest that baseball card collectors are going to have, the rest of the set has some interesting characters, including Primo Carnera, Knute Rockne, Jim Thorpe, and even Johnny Weissmuller.