1933 Goudey R319

1933 Goudey R319 on Ebay
1933 Goudey baseball cards R319 There are 239 cards in this set, each measuring 2-3/8 by 2-7/8 inches.

Card fronts show a color illustration of the player against a solid color background, with the player's name superimposed. Beneath the image is a color banner advertising Big League Chewing Gum.

Card backs feature the card number at the center top, followed by the player's name and team, then a paragraph of text about his career. The bottom 1/3 of the card is taken up by an ad for the set and for the gum.

This was Goudey's first baseball card issue.

Note that card #106 (Nap Lajoie) wasn't issued with the others, but some time later. Card collecting lore has it that Goudey held it back from the set to entice youngsters to buy lots more packs to try (in vain) to get it; but because of a public outcry the company was forced to print and release it. In any case, the Lajoie card isn't figured in when determining the value of the full set.

Prominent cards in this set include:
29 - Jimmy Foxx
119 - Rogers Hornsby
144 - George Herman (Babe) Ruth
149 - George Herman (Babe) Ruth
154 - Jimmy Foxx
157 - Sam Byrd
181 - George Herman (Babe) Ruth
187 - Henry Manush
207 - Melvin Ott
223 - Jerome (Dizzy) Dean
234 - Carl Hubbell