1926 Sporting News M101-7

1926 Sporting News M101-7 on Ebay
1926 Sporting News M101-7 baseball card There are 13 items in this set. Each measures 7 x 10 inches. Unnumbered.

Each card front offers a sepia-toned photo of the player, surrounded by a white border. The player's name, team, and league appear below the photo. At the top left is given 'Supplement to The Sporting News' and the date of the issue in which the card first appeared.

Most of these are blank-backed, but some feature advertising for the paper, offering a premium for a subscription purchase.

These were actually supplements, printed on thin cardstock, distributed with issues of The Sporting News after the conclusion of the World Series in 1926.

Note that the set includes 11 players at the size above, as well as two team photos that were folded and when opened are double the given size.

Cards in this set include:
Hazen 'Kiki' Cuyler
Rogers Hornsby
Tony Lazzeri
Harry E. Manush
John Mostil
Harry Rice
George Herman 'Babe' Ruth
Al Simmons
Harold 'Pie' Traynor
George Uhle
Glenn Wright
Cardinals team photo
Yankees team photo