1926 Kut Outs Die-Cuts

1926 Kut Outs Die-Cuts on Ebay
1926 Kut Outs Giants-Yankees Die-Cuts There are 20 cards in this set, each measuring appx. 2 x 4-1/2 inches. Blank-backed and unnumbered.

Card fronts depict a die-cut image of the player, with a white tab at the bottom to stand the figure up. The player's name is superimposed at the bottom of the photo.

These were originally sold - presumably primarily in the New York metropolitan area - at ten cents for the entire team; there were only the two teams depicted, the Giants and the Yankees, with 10 players in each.

Cards in this set include:
Ed Farrell
Frank Frisch
George Kelly
Freddie Lindstrom
John McGraw
Emil Meusel
John Scott
Frank Snyder
Billy Southworth
Ross Young

Pat Collins
Earle Combs
Joe Dugan
Lou Gehrig
Miller Hudgins
Mark Koenig
Tony Lazzeri
Bob Meusel
Herb Pennock
Babe Ruth