1921 Exhibits

1921 Exhibits on Ebay
1921 Exhibits baseball cards There are 64 cards in this set, each measuring 3-3/8 x 5-3/8 inches. Unnumbered and blank-backed.

Card fronts show a black-and-white photo of the player, with his name in cursive superimposed, as well as his position, team name, and league in smaller lettering. A thick white border surrounds the photo.

Exhibit cards were once a popular collectible across the nation, available in vending machines for a penny. The subjects covered ranged from pretty girls to cowboy film heroes to star athletes. The Exhibit Supply Co. - who also produced this set - were the major player cranking out these cheap but popular novelties.

This set brings together 4 players from each of the 16 professional teams.

It's often difficult to differentiate between years of release on exhibit cards due to a lack of copyright date or other indicia; on these, at least on the cards showing American League players, the league designation is given as 'AM.L.'; future releases would shorten this to 'A.L.', which is an imperfect method, but pretty much the best one can hope for.

Players in this set include:
Chas. B. Adams
Grover C. Alexander
David Bancroft
Geo. J. Burns
Owen Bush
Max J. Carey
Ty R. Cobb
Eddie T. Collins
John Collins
Stanley Coveleskie
Walter E. Cruise
Jacob E. Daubert
George Dauss
Charles A. Deal
Joe A. Dugan
James Dykes
U.C. "Red" Faber
J.F. Fournier
Frank F. Frisch
W.L. Gardner
H.M. "Hank" Gowdy
Burleigh Grimes
Heinie Groh
Jesse Haines
Sam Harris
Walter L. Holke
Charles J.Hollicher
Rogers Hornsby
James H. Johnson
Walter P. Johnson
Sam P. Jones
Geo. L. Kelly
Dick Kerr
William L. Killifer
Ed Konetchy
John Doc Lavan
Walter Maranville
Carl W. Mays
J."Stuffy" McInnis
Rollie C. Naylor
A. Earl Neale
S.F. Steve O'Neil
Ivan M. Olson
Roger Peckinpaugh
Ralph "Cy" Perkins
Raymond R. Powell
Joe "Goldie" Rapp
Edgar S. Rice
Jimmy Ring
Geo. H. "Babe" Ruth
Ray Schalk
Wallie Schang
Everett Scott
H.S. Shanks
Urban Shocker
Geo. H. Sisler
Tris Speaker
John Tobin
Robt. Veach
Zack D. Wheat
Geo. B. Whitted
Cy Williams
Kenneth R. Williams
Ivy B. Wingo