1941 Boston Garter - Sepia

1941 Boston Garter on Ebay
1914 Boston Garter Sepia baseball card There were 10 cards in this set, each measuring 3-3/4 by 6-1/4 inches.

Card fronts show a sepia-toned photograph of the player (not an illustration), with a facsimile signature of the player's last name and a baseball logo of the Boston Garter Co. superimposed.

Card backs list the cards available in the set, numbered, as well as giving an advertisement for the company's product.

Like the company's other baseball issues, these cards were given away in boxes of 12 garters, for retailers to display. Retailers could also mail away for the entire set of cards.

Note that this set is somewhat rare with cards being very difficult to find, and considerably expensive when they come up for auction.

The cards in this set include:
1 - Christy Mathewson
2 - Red Murray
3 - Eddie Collins
4 - Hugh Jennings
5 - Hal Chase
6 - Bob Bescher
7 - Red Dooin
8 - Larry Lajoie
9 - Tris Speaker
10 - Heinie Zimmerman