1912 Plow's Candy - E300

1912 Plows Candy E300 on Ebay
1912 Plow's Candy E300 As the name implies, this was a candy issue. Still extremely rare, it was not recognized as an independent set until the late 1960's. The unnumbered list below is probably incomplete.

Cards are unnumbered and blank-backed. A sepia-toned action photo is surrounded by a wide white border, with the player's last name and team at the bottom and 'Plow's Candy Collection' along the top.

The 'E300' designation is not a Burdick number, given the late discovery of the cards.

Cards in this set include:
Babe Adams
Home Run Baker
Cy Barger
Jack Barry
Johnny Bates
Joe Benz
Bill Berger
Roger Bresnahan
Mordecai Brown
Donie Bush
Bobby Byrne
Nixey Callahan
Hal Chase
Fred Clarke
Ty Cobb
King Cole
Eddie Collins
Jack Coombs
Bill Dahlen
Bert Daniels
Harry Davis
Jim Delehanty
Josh Devore
Wild Bill Donovan
Red Dooin
Larry Doyle
Johnny Evers
Russ Ford
Del Gainor
Vean Gregg
Bob Harmon
Arnold Hauser
Dick Hoblitzelle
Solly Hofman
Miller Huggins
John Hummel
Walter Johnson
Johnny King
Nap Lajoie
Jack Lapp
Fred Luderus
Sherry Magee
Rube Marquard
Christy Mathewson
Stuffy McInnes
Larry McLean
Fred Merkle
Cy Morgan
George Moriarty
Mike Mowrey
Chief Myers
Rube Oldring
Marty O'Toole
Eddie Plank
Nap Rucker
Slim Sallee
Boss Schmidt
Jimmy Sheckard
Tris Speaker
Billy Sullivan
Ira Thomas
Joe Tinker
John Titus
Hippo Vaughan
Honus Wagner
Ed Walsh
Bob Williams