D304 General Baking Co.

D304 General Baking Co. on Ebay
D304 General baking Co. 1911-1914 baseball card There are 25 cards in this set, each measuring 1-3/4 x 2-1/2 inches. Unnumbered. The ACC designation for this set is D304.

Card fronts show a color image of the player surrounded by a white border, with the player's name, team city, and league along the bottom.

Card backs have an advertisement on the back.

These cards were apparently put out by various bakeries at the time; they are best known under the General Baking Company name, but cards can be found with ads for other bakers on the back, and may be known under those names: Brunners; Butter Krust; Martens Bakery; and Weber Bakery, as well as this one.

These resemble tobacco cards of that era, but are a bit larger.

Variations of some cards exist with no city given at the bottom; these are often sold for higher prices than otherwise.

Some prominent cards in this set include:
Ty Cobb
Christy Mathewson
Honus Wagner
Cy Young