E90-3 1910 American Caramel

E90-3 1910 American Caramel on Ebay
1910 American Caramel E90-3 baseball card There are 20 cards in this set, each measuring appx. 1-1/2 x 2-3/4 inches. Unnumbered.

Card fronts show a colorized illustration of the player, surrounded by a white border. Below is the player's last name and team.

Card backs give a full-sized advertisment for Base Ball Caramels.

This set features only players from the Chicago teams, the White Sox and the Cubs. These are very similar to the E90-1 American Caramel set, but can be differentiated in that these say 'All the Star Players' along the top of the reverse, rather than the E90-1 set which say '100 Subjects' in that space.

Cards in this set include:
Jimmy Archer (Cubs)
Lena Blackburne (White Sox)
Mordecai Brown (Cubs)
Frank Chance (Cubs)
King Cole (Cubs)
Patsy Dougherty (White Sox)
Johnny Evers (Cubs)
Chick Gandil (White Sox
) Ed Hahn (White Sox)
Solly Hofman (Cubs)
Orval Overall (Cubs)
Fred Payne (White Sox)
Billy Purtell (White Sox)
Wildfire Schulte (Cubs)
Jimmy Sheckard (Cubs)
Frank Smith (White Sox)
Harry Steinfeldt (Cubs)
Joe Tinker (Cubs)
Ed Walsh (White Sox)
Rollie Zeider (White Sox)