E125 1910 American Caramel Die Cuts

E125 1910 American Caramel Die Cuts on Ebay
1910 American Caramel Die-Cuts E125 There are 42 cards in this set. Sizes vary, but the largest examples can be 4 by 7 inches. Unnumbered. The ACC number for this set is E125.

Card fronts have a cropped color illustration of the player, with tabs at the bottom which can be folded back so the card can stand up vertically.

Card backs have a title, 'Action Picture Caramels,' followed by the name of the team and a list of players on the team represented within the set.

This is still a rare card set. Although we know most of the cards that were released, thanks to the info on card backs, the thing is that many of the cards haven't actually shown up within the hobby. If and when they do exist, they'll be '1 of 1', unique collectibles. But as of right now, only about twenty or so different cards from this set are known to exist.

Important cards within this set include:
Christy Mathewson
Eddie Plank
Tris Speaker (two different)
Honus Wagner (two different)