1909 Ramley T204

1909 Ramley T204 on Ebay
T204 Ramly Cigarettes baseball card There are 121 cards in this set, not counting variations. Each card measures appx. 2 x 2-1/2 inches.

Card fronts offer an oval or square black-and-white portrait photo of the player, surrounded by a white frame with ornate gold scrollwork; below is the player's name, position, and team. The entire card has a gold leaf border.

Card backs offer the cigarette brand name in large letters (Ramly, or occasionally T.T.T. brand) followed by the name and place of the factory of origin.

These cards, as noted, were issued in packs of both Ramly and T.T.T. brand Turkish tobacco cigarettes. The T.T.T.-backs are much less common, and command as much as 4 times the regular cards' value.

On some variant cards the player's photo sits within a square frame. These are not considered part of the regular set, and often command more value with collectors.

Notable cards in this set include:
2- John Anderson (square frame)
7 - Frank C. Bancroft (square frame)
15 - Wm. Bransfield (square frame)
20 - Jesse C. Burkett (either frame shape)
36 - Wm. H. Dineen (square frame)
56 - George Howard (square frame)
60 - Walter Johnson
82 - Pat Moran (square frame)
95 - Ed Plank