E90-1 1909-1911 American Caramel

E90-1 1909-1911 American Caramel on Ebay
1909-1911 American Caramel E90-1 baseball cards This set consists of 120 cards, each measuring appx. 1-1/2 x 2-3/4 inches. Unnumbered.

Card fronts feature a color illustration of the player surrounding by a white border. Along the bottom is given the player's last name along with his position, team city, and league.

Card backs advertise for this set as well as for Base Ball Caramels and the company that produced them.

These were issued singly with pieces of Base Ball Caramel candies. They were produced and distributed within the given years, 1909 through 1911.

Although the card backs advertise 100 cards in the set, there are actually 120, not counting variations between printings of certain ones.

Prominent players in this set include:
(Ty) Cobb
(Hugh) Duffy
(Peaches) Graham
(Joe) Jackson
(Christy) Mathewson
(Larry) McLean
(Dave) Shean
(Tris) Speaker
(Honus) Wagner
(Ed) Walsh
(Cy) Young