1906 Fan Craze

1906 Fan Craze on Ebay
1906 Fan Craze baseball cards There are 105 cards total in this set between both Leagues. Each card measures 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. Unnumbered.

Card fronts offer a black-and-white, oval portrait of the player, with his name curved along the bottom. Below this is the city of his team, while above is given a game event, such as 'Out at First,' 'Bunt Out,' 'Wild Pitch,' etc.

The cards in this set all have the same backs, large baseball-shaped logo with the Fan Craze name, as well as the words 'Art Series' in script to the upper left and lower right.

This was actually a card game, sold in a pack like any other game - although the National League and American League were sold separately. Collectors generally consider them to be two different card sets, but what the hell, we're writing them up as one.

These were sold through the 1906 Sears Catalog for 48 cents, postage paid.

Prominent players in this set include:
(American League)
Ed Plank
Cy Young

(National League)
Mordecai Brown
Frank Chance
Charley Nichols
Hans [Honus] Wagner