1902-1911 Sporting Life Cabinets W600

1902-1911 Sporting Life Cabinets W600 on Ebay
1902-1911 Sporting Life Cabinets W600 In the first decade of the 20th century, a weekly newspaper, The Sporting Life, sold cabinet cards (photos of a particular size and configuration) for a dime each (although they were first given away in return for three stamps and a coupon which was cut from an issue of the newspaper.

Called 'Cabinet Phototypes of Well-Known Baseball Players,' the cards measured 5 x 7-1/2" and consisted of a black-and-white photo, surrounded by a white border with the player's name, team, and position below; this was mounted onto a thicker cardboard matte.

Although the set consists of over 700 different cards, some showing the same player either in his team uniform or street clothes. The cards are unnumbered and blank-backed.

Not all cards from this set may be known to the hobby; never-seen examples (including variations of known cards) could still pop up.

Most interestingly, since cards were ordered invidually, players who were popular at the time exist in larger quantities, while lesser-known players - whose cards wouldn't have been ordered as often - are more likely scarcer, thus skewing values toward the lesser names of the time.

Notable cards in this set include:
Jesse Burkett
Edward J. Delahanty
Joseph J. Kelley
Christopher (Christy) Mathewson
John (Hans aka Honus) Wagner
Denton (Cy) Young