1900's Baseball Cards

1902-1911 Sporting Life Cabinets W600
1902 Sporting Life Team Composites W601

1903-1904 E107 Type 1
1903-1904 E107 Type 2
1903 Sporting Life Team Composites W601

1904 Allegheny Card Co.
1904 Anonymous Studio Cabinets
1904 G Waldeon Smith Cabinets
1904 Sporting Life Team Composites W601

1905-1909 Carl Horner Cabinets
1905 Rotograph Post Cards
1905 Souvenir Post Card Shop of Cleveland
1905 Sporting Life Team Composites W601
1906-1907 Sporting Life Team Composite Post Cards
1906 Fan Crazee
1906 Lincoln Publishing Philadelphia A's
1906 Sporting Life Team Composites W601
1906 Ullman Post Cards
1907-1909 Dietsche Detroit Tigers Post Cards PC765-1
1907-1909 HM Taylor Detroit Tigers Post Cards
1907-1909 Novelty Cutlery Post Cards PC805
1907 Dietsche Chicago Cubs Post Cards PC765-2
1907 Dietsche Posters
1907 George W. Hull Chicago White Sox Post Cards
1907 Grignon Chicago Cubs Post Cards
1907 Morgan Stationery Red Belt Post Cards
1907 Sporting Life Team Composites W601
1907 Wolverine News Co. Detroit Tigers

1908-1911 HH Bregstone Browns/Cardinals Post Cards PC743
1908-1909 Rose Company Post Cards
1908 American Caramel E91 Set A
1908 American League Publishing Co. Postcards
1908 Art Post Card Co. Our Home Team Post Cards
1908 Boston Red Sox Fold-Out Post Card
1908 Chicago Cubs/White Sox Post Cards
1908 Detroit Free Press Tigers Postcards
1908 Hall's Studio NY Giants Cabinets
1908 Pittsburgh Pirates Vignette Post Cards
1908 Sporting Life Team Composites W601
1909-1911 American Caramel E90-1
1909-1910 CA Briggs Co. E97
1909-1913 Sporting News Supplements M101-2
1909-1911 T206 White Border
1909-1910 W555
1909 American Caramel E91 Set B
1909 Boston Herald Supplements
1909 Boston Sunday Post Red Sox Stars
1909 Colgan's Chips Square Proofs
1909 Croft's Candy E92
1909 Croft's Cocoa E92
1909 Derby Cigars NY Giants
1909 Dockman & Sons Gum E92
1909 Nadja Caramels E92
1909 Philadelphia Caramel E95
1909 Ramly Cigarettes T204
1909 Set of 50 E101
1909 Set of 25 E102
1909 Sporting Life Team Composites W601
1909 Topping & Co. Detroit Tigers Post Cards
1909 W W Smith Post Cards